How To Teach a Dog To Give Paw

Amelia Jones
10 min readAug 19, 2020

Train Your Dog to Shake its Paw

How To Teach a Dog To Give Paw

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Every dog ​​owner loves to be proud of his dog. Showing off cool dog tricks from time to time can make the life of you and your best friend happier. Having playtime after obedience training helps you and your dog relax and enjoy a successful learning session.

Most pets love to lick people, so the ‘kissing’ command is by nature one of the easiest ways to teach. Every time your dog licks your face, your dog will quickly learn ‘Give me a kiss’.

If your puppy isn’t a like type, you can use a simple trick. Put peanut butter on your face and say ‘Kiss me, good dog, kiss me’. With each kiss, you can pleasantly compliment your dog and give it a little treat. Your best friend will eventually learn to kiss you.

Your dog giving you a high five is something every domestic dog needs to know. To be honest, anyone with a dog can teach this trick in 5–10 minutes. From the dog owner’s point of view, it only takes a few treatments and a little time and effort.

Learning how to teach a dog to eat softly is a skill every dog ​​owner must learn. Many untrained dogs tend to bite off some of their owner’s fingers along with a piece of food when feeding their snacks. This can be a way to ensure they get food. Owners tend to make the mistake of pulling their hand as soon as the dog’s mouth touches the skin.

Who doesn’t want to teach dogs to cheat? Almost all dog owners want to know more about how to teach dog skills. Even if you haven’t trained your dog before, a short 10–15 minute training session can help you learn some simple tricks to help you teach your dog tricks. Your dog will not get bored during this short time and will keep more of what you are trying to teach him.

Before you start, take the dog toilet, prepare enough snacks, take the dog to a place with little or no distraction, and tie a string to the dog’s collar. Put the dog in a ‘sitting’ position and stand in front of it. Let your dog know that he or she has been treated by having him lick or smell it. Hold your dog’s leash in your left hand and a snack in your right hand.